video chat music lessons
Video chat music lessons allow for an advantage of viewing angles and increased focus on pattern recognition and hand position

Video chat music lessons are quickly becoming a standard. With convenience and savings, it is easy to see how they have become so popular. While many services offer online music lesson videos, at McMusic Lessons take video chat music lessons with a live teaher. The lessons are available to any location in the United States. First, a trial lesson is offered at no cost to ensure connection and allow students to experience a music lesson online. Then, customers have the options to continue on the pay-as-you-go basis or save with prepaid music lessons.


video chat music lessons
Video chat music lessons are provided for beginning to intermediate guitar lessons

With advancements in video chat technology in an age of information, lessons are more convenient and affordable than ever. Trial music lessons for piano and guitar allow students to experience a lesson at no cost.

Video chat with a live music teacher from the comfort of your own home. The music teacher works with you to help set up for video chat when you register.  Set up for video chat is similar to making a new email for account. The music teacher offers phone support at no additional cost to help you get setup and ensure connection. Then experience the convenience and savings the video chat music lessons offer. The convenience of video chat is perfect for pay-as-you-go music lessons and offer even more discount for pre-paid music lesson enrollment. Video chat music lessons saves time and travel costs that add up in long run. With no travel, simply log on and learn.

video chat music lessons
Video chat piano lessons allow student to feel more comfortable and provides for a more focused environment.

When you take video chat music lessons on a desktop or laptop, connect directly to your router or modem with an ethernet cord.  When you use an ethernet cord instead of wifi, you cut down on lag.

Video chat piano lessons require an external WebCam for best results.  An external webcam allows a proper viewing angle to comfortably view a monitor, facing forward.