Acoustic Guitar Lesson Testimonial

Guitar Lessons in Palos Hills, IL.

Read an acoustic guitar lesson testimonial by students taking guitar lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances.

The acoustic guitar lesson testimonial below provides some insight on the value of the music lessons offered by the guitar teacher. The guitar instructor has been playing, studying, teaching, and performing on the guitar for more than 30 years. He has formally studied jazz guitar and classical guitar in College and has experience playing in a variety of styles and genere. He was recommended to DePaul University’s School of Music in Chicago, IL. by Mark Maxwell and has performed in private and public recitals, weddings, restaurants, parties, banquets and more. You can view examples of the music teacher’s original and cover music by clicking here

acoustic guitar lesson testimonial“I have studied guitar with Kevin for over a year and am very pleased with my experience thus far. I bought a guitar from Guitar Center and hadn’t picked it up before our first lesson, but that didn’t matter. We started from zero and I can say with confidence that I can play and have an understanding of the theory behind it. He’s flexible, affordable, and genuinely concerned with helping me improve my technique and skill. He is a classically trained guitarist with an incredible ear for music that you want to learn, and a great eye for pointing out potential flaws. He always connects your lesson to a larger view of musical theory, about how your lesson can include scale exercises, all the while having fun and talking about music. I can strongly recommend Kevin to anyone of any musical ability.”

Trial Music Lesson for the Acoustic Guitar
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With a trial music lesson, students interested in acoustic guitar lessons can meet with the guitar teacher before committing to a purchase. Students can sample the guitar teacher’s teaching methods and discuss their music goals.  Meet with the music teacher at his home studio or online using video chat. McMusic Lessons & Performances is a sole proprietorship of music teacher, guitar teacher, and piano teacher, Kevin M McClain. Register for a trial music lessons to learn how he can help you learn the acoustic guitar and gain an overall understanding of music in general. Learn how to read and write your own music, train your ear, or simply play your favorite songs.  Electric guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, and classical guitar lessons are provided at discounted rates for a prepaid enrollment. Pay-as-you-go  you go up music lessons are also available.

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