Anxiety by Music Teacher Fayettville NC

piano teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances

Listen to “Anxiety” by Music teacher and musician at McMusic Lessons & Performances. The teacher offers Fayetteville, NC Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons near Fort Bragg, 2 miles from Yadkin Gate. Online Music Lessons are also available tip all of the United States.

Listen to “Anxeity” written and performed by Kevin McClain, recorded by Rick Laga.

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Hear more original and cover music by music teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances.
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Music lessons for the guitar and piano are offered with a trial session at no cost. Enrollment is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis with options to prepay for discounted rates. The teacher has been playing and studying music his whole life. He is formally educated in music theory and performance on the guitar and piano.

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