Bottoms Up by Music Teacher in Fayetteville North Carolina

guitar lessons | piano lessons

Fayetteville North Carolina music teacher writes original music in a variety of styles and genre. Listen to “Bottoms Up” by Kevin McClain of McMusic Lessons & Performances.

guitar lessons | piano lessons
Click here to register for a trial music lesson with Music Teacher Fayetteville, NC in person or online available to all of the United States.

Music lessons for the guitar and piano are provided in person and online, available to all of the United States. Register for a trial music lesson to try out before purchase. Meet with the music teacher and experience how he can help you learn how to read, write, and play music on the guitar or piano. Learn the theory and techniques that will jumpstart and catalyze your progress and creativity. Continue enrollment on a pay as you go basis with options to pre-pay for discounted rates based on the amount of music lesson time purchasedmonthly or quarterly. With pre-paid enrollment students receive online student profiles to manage accounts, weekly lesson notes to assist with practice and provide a means to gauge progress from week to week. Additional online tutoring is available, at no additional costs, for quarterly prepaid students to ensure progress.

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