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Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances are provided with the most flexibility possible. As a sole proprietor the music teacher has developed policies that ensure flexibility within scheduling in a few different ways. First, students have the option to take music lessons on a pay as you go basis. This allows students to take lessons on their own schedule with no weekly commitment. This is ideal for students that may want to schedule bi- weekly music lessons or have changing schedules. Students simply pay for each lesson as they are taken. ┬áScheduling is subject to the music teacher’s overall student schedule. Student’s call the teacher to schedule and make payment to secure an available time slot.

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Flexibility is also provided for prepaid enrollment with the use of make-up lessons. Students who may need to cancel any prepaid music lessons can reschedule for any available time slot during any week of current or future prepaid enrollment, equal or greater in value. The music teacher works with student schedules to find time slots that will work for students who may miss or need to cancel any prepaid music lessons. The students account also retains any canceled music lessons that have been yet to be conducted. Guitar and Piano lessons cancelled without the chance to be made up during prepaid enrollment are retained between periods of enrollment. The make-up lessons can be added as additional music lessons, at no cost, to any future enrollment of equal or greater value. Make-up Music Lessons never expire.

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