Mr. McClain has been formally studying the guitar, piano, and composing music for 27 years. Kevin studied music theory, composition, and flute under the direction of Professor Tammy Carlson, (Roosevelt University’s Music Conservatory, Chicago IL.) Classical & Jazz Guitar under the direction of Linda Kelly, (Roosevelt University’s Music Conservatory, Chicago, IL.) and Dr. Tim Burns, (DePaul University’s School of Music, Chicago IL.) and (University of Illinois in Champagne, IL.) Piano under the direction of Dr. Daniela Broderick, (University of Illinois, Champagne, Illinois) and Dennis Doris, (American Music Conservatory).

guitar teacher | music teacher
Guitar lessons are provided on the classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar.

Mr. McClain has studied various instruments with multiple teachers to obtain a variety of perspectives and styles of teaching to best learn for all types of student learning styles. While it always takes time to become acquainted with students and the best way he or she may learn, the music teacher pays special attention to learning styles and adjusts his own teaching style to allow music students to thrive in each and every music lesson.