guitar teacher
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Guitar teacher in Fayettville, NC also provides online music lessons to all of the United States.  The guitar teacher offers acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, and classical guitar lessons for students of all ages.

The guitar teacher is formally educated and experienced in playing rock guitar, classical guitar, and jazz guitar.  He was recommended to Depaul University’s School of Music by Mark Maxwell in 2011. He has been studying the guitar for 30 years, since the age of 6. Some of his major influences include Frank Zappa, Phish, Pat Matheny, Led Zeppelin, Slash, Andre Segovia, Fernando sore, and much more.

Listen to some of the guitar teachers music below.  He writes music in various styles and genres but primarily considers himself a jam-band artist and classical guitarist. Is performed in various Bluegrass, blues,  jazz, and rock bands all his life and occasionally performs solo performances on the classical guitar or piano for more formal occasions. He currently writes and records music as a duet titled “The Strings Things Band” with his wife, Lisa Mannion, on vocals and the ukulele. You can hear all there music by clicking on the related tabs in the navigation menue.