Learn the Guitar or Piano at Home without the additional costs

The Best Online Music Lessons
The Best Online Music Lessons
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Save time a and money with online music lessons taken at home. Video chat with Music instructor at McMusic Lessons & Performances from any location with no additional charges for travel. Online music lessons come with discounted rates and the convenience of taking lessons in the comfort of your own home.

All students are provided with online student profiles that provide easy account management and lesson notes after each lesson. The music teacher guides students through the learning process both in-and-out of the weekly music lesson. Parents can easiky track progress with lesson reviews and progress reports after each music lesson.

Music Lessons Trial
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Register for a trial guitar or piano lesson to try out at no cost. Continuing students have options to take lessons on a pay as you go basis or save with discounted rates for prepaid music lessons, monthly or quarterly.

The music teacher provides a strong foundation in theory and composition with focus on technique and a healthy practice routine. Learn to read music and play by ear using skills of relative pitch. Build scales and chord progressions of your own to write original music. Have fun learning your favorite songs and how to analyze music to its core. Study compositional techniques and expression in performance. Learn it as from home at discounted rates that won’t burn a whole in your pocket.

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