The McWaltz by Piano Teacher in Fayetteville, NC

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Piano teacher Kevin McClain of McMusic Lessons & Performances in Fayetteville, NC performs his piano sonata no. 3.

Music lessons for the guitar and piano are provided in person or online music lessons available to all of the United States. Trial music lessons are available at no cost.  Options to continuing Music lesson enrollment  on a pay as you go basis or pre-pay for a discounted rates based on the amount of lesson time purchased, monthly or quarterly. Prepaid enrollment comes with online student profiles to help manage account and schedules, weekly lesson notes and progress reports,  as well as flexible scheduling and make up lessons at no cost. Reschedule lessons as needed.

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Watch Mr. McClain perform his piano sonata number 3, “The McWaltz”.

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Listen to more of the music teacher’s music of various styles and generas or watch more videos of his performance examples by exploring his website.


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