Music Lessons Studio in Fayetteville, NC

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Take guitar lessons or piano lessons from the music teacher in Fayetteville North Carolina at McMusic Lessons & Performances music lessons studio, 2 miles from Fort Bragg’s Yadkin Gate. Aside from online music lessons, students can take advantage of in-studio music lessons that incorporate professional music and sound equipment with the lesson. Learn to play with guitar effects processors and loop stations. Practice on a full  88 key piano designer to music the feel of a real grand piano. The music lessons studio features live music equipment with a library of music, jam tracks, and exercises at hand.

Click the image to register for a sample studio music lesson at no cost.

Meet with the music teacher for a trial music lesson, at no cost, to experience the guitar or piano instruction in person. Learn about the teacher’s teaching methods and how he can help progress in the most comprehensive way, limiting the time it take to understand the theory behind the music and your instrument. Learn how to play, read, and write your own music. Register for a trial guitar lesson or piano lesson with options to continue on a pay-as-you-go basis or pre-pay for discounted rates. Prepaid rates are based on the amount of lesson time purchased, monthly or quarterly. Pay-as-you-go music lessons give students the flexibility to take guitar and piano instruction whenever they feel like having one. With no weekly commitment students can take it slow to make sure they have time for studies before the next lesson.

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