Music teacher offers Fayetteville, NC Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons

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Learn how to play the guitar or study the piano at McMusic Lessons & Performances in Fayetteville, NC. The music teacher also provides additional discounts for online music lessons, available to any location.  Video Chat with a live music instructor to learn the guitar or piano from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Save on travel costs and take advantage of a $5 discount on rates when you register for online music lessons.

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Music instruction is provided in person at the music teacher’s home recording studio, 2 miles from Fort Bragg’ Yadkin Gate.  A trial music lesson is provided at no cost. Continuing students have the options to take guitar or piano lessons on a pay-as-you-go basis or prepay for discounted rates based on the amount of lesson time purchase. Monthly or quarterly prepaid enrollment is provided with one hour or half-hour weekly sessions. Make up lessons for no additional charges are provided for any lessons that may need to be canceled or rescheduled within any current or continued prepaid enrollment of equal or greater value.  Lesson notes that contain a complete review, practice outline, and progress report or provided after each instruction.

Video Chat Guitar Lesson
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Each student is provided with an online student profile to help manage accounts, stay up-to-date with all matters concerning the lessons, and access study material. Fayetteville, NC Guitar lessons are provided on the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and classical guitar. Classical piano lessons are available for beggining to intermediate students. Register today for your trial music lesson to meet with the music teacher in person or video chat using Skype or FaceTime. No payment information is required for registration. The Music teacher is the formally educated freelance composer, musician, teacher, And sole proprietor of McMusic Lessons & Performances. Try one out today. Limited time slots are available.

Listen to some of the music teacher perform on the guitar and piano.

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