Original Music by Guitar and Piano Instructor

Guitar teacher inn Palos Hills, Illinois

Music instructor at McMusic Lessons & Performances writes music in a variety of genres. From classical music to alternative, the music teacher provides guitar and piano lessons and instruction to students of all ages. The teacher studies music theory and composition as well as performance and technique. Students learn to read and play music while becoming aware of the theory and song-writing techniques behind it.

Listen to some of the music teacher’s original music. All songs were written by Kevin McClain of McMusic Lessons and Performances.

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In-studio and online music lessons are provided for the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, and classical piano. Beginning with a trial music lesson at no cost, customers sample the music lessons before purchase. Continuing enrollment provides the options to pay as you go or prepay for discounted rates. Rates are based on the amount of time purchased with greater discounts for longer periods of prepaid enrollment.

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Prepaid enrollment comes with online student profiles that help students and parents manage accounts and stay up to date with progress each week. Learning continues outside of the weekly sessions. Each prepaid lesson is followed by e-mailed lesson notes that provide students with a detailed lesson review and practice outline. The lesson notes help guide students through practice thoughout the week. Student support is also provided for any students who may have questions about practice between lessons. Additional online video chat tutoring sessions are provided at no cost to students enrolled in a quarterly prepaid music lesson plan.

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