Piano Sonata Number 2 “Tilt-A-Whirl” by Music Teacher

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Fayetteville, NC Guitar lessons and piano lessons are provided at McMusic Lessons & Performances, near Fort Bragg. The music teacher also provides online music lessons to all of the United States. Music lessons focus on theory and performance techniques that greatly reduce time and frustration in practice. Students receive emailed music lesson notes and practice outlines to assist with practice outside of the weekly lessons and provide a real means to track weekly progress. Students learn to develop a productive practice routine that builds learning momentum.

The Music lessons start with a trial guitar or piano lesson. Meet with the music teacher to discuss musical goals and sample a the music lessons before purchase. Options to take music lessons on a pay as you go basis or save with prepaid discounted rates are provide with continued enrollment. Register to book a trial lesson and learn how the music teacher can help you get started or continue to progress in your musical studies.

Listen to “Tilt-A-Whirl”, piano sonata no. 2 by music teacher, musician, composer Kevin McClain.

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