Secure Your Discounted Music Lessons before Sale Ends

Trial Music Instruction

 Music Teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances is currently offering a sale on music lessons for any customers who register for a trial guitar or piano lesson before November 1st. Schedule a lesson to try out at no cost to qualify for discounted rates. 

Trial music instruction
Click the image to register before November 1st to qualify for discounted rates.

After a trial lesson, customers have the option to continue on a pay as you go basis or qualify for discounted prepaid rates with monthly or quarterly enrollment. Take Guitar Lessons or Piano Lessons in the comfort of your own home with additional discounts for Online Music Lessons. In studio music lessons are provided at the music teacher’s home studio in Fayetteville, NC.

McMusic Lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances
Click here to learn more about the online student profiles snd student support that comes with guitar lessons and piano lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances

Each music lesson is followed by emailed lesson reviews, practice outline, and progress report. Students are provided with an online student profile with login. Easily monitor progress, access study files, manage account, and view instructional video recaps between lessons. The online student profiles allow Students tip continue to learn and progress between weekly lessons. It also provides a real means to gauge progress from week to week.

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