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Looking for Music Lessons that teach you more than simply memorizing patterns? Learn how music works with guitar and piano instructor in Palos Hills, Illinois. The music teacher provides instruction to all ages and locations beginning with a trial session. The music instructor is a sole proprietor and independently contracting musician with limited availability. Register today to secure your time slot for a trial session at no cost.

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Students have the option to continue enrollment on a pay as you go basis after the trial music lesson. Prepaying students receive discounted rates based on the amount of time purchased monthly or quarterly. Register for your trial before January 1st to lock in a 20% discount on rates for the duration of continued prepaid enrollment.

McMusic Lessons & Performances is a home-based, sole proprietorship of guitar and piano instructor in Palos Hills. The Music Teacher provides classical guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons and classical piano lessons to students of all ages.

Home Music Lessons
Piano teacher provides Piano lessons in your home.

Take your music lessons at home, in studio, or online. Guitar Lessons and piano lessons are conducted at the student’s home by house call or video chat with Online Guitar or Piano Lessons. House call music lessons include an additional service charge. Video Chat Online Music Lessons provide an additional discount. They are available to any location in the United States. The option to come to the music instructors home studio in Palos Hills, IL. provides students with a professional music studio optimized for learning and creating music. Register today to meet with the music teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances home studio in Palos Hills, IL. or video chat from any location.

Guitar teacher playing the guitar
Music teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances is formally educated on both the guitar and piano.


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