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Read an Acoustic Guitar Lesson Testimonial by a student whom has experienced the acoustic guitar lessons with the guitar teacher in Fayetteville, NC at McMusic Lessons & Performances. The review highlights some of the aspects the guitar teacher focuses on and strives to accomplish within the acoustic guitar lesson service offered. Find originally posted reviews by clicking on the Likedin Icon in the Right Side Bar of the page.


Acoustic Guitar Lessons
I have studied guitar with Kevin for over a year and am very pleased with my experience thus far. I bought a guitar from Guitar Center and hadn’t picked it up before our first lesson, but that didn’t matter. We started from zero and I can say with confidence that I can play and have an understanding of the theory behind it. He’s flexible, affordable, and genuinely concerned with helping me improve my technique and skill. He is a classically trained guitarist with an incredible ear for music that you want to learn, and a great eye for pointing out potential flaws. He always connects your lesson to a larger view of musical theory, about how your lesson can include scale exercises, all the while having fun and talking about music. I can strongly recommend Kevin to anyone of any musical ability

Take an Acoustic guitar lesson from the guitar teacher in Fayetteville, NC at McMusic Lessons & performances. Located 2 miles from Fort Bragg’s Yadkin Gate, McMusic Lessons offers an acoustic guitar lesson to anyone interested in trying out music lessons on the guitar before purchase. With the convenient option of Online Music Lessons, students can take an Acoustic Guitar Lesson at home. Video chat with the Guitar Teacher from any location in the United States using applications such as Skype, Google hangouts, or FaceTime.