Therapy by Music Teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances

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Fayettville NC guitar lessons | Fayettville NC piano lessons
Register for a trial lesson on the guitar or piano at no cost.

Kevin McClain, music teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances in Fayettville, NC offers music lessons on the guitar and piano for all ages. Kevin is educated in music theory and composition and has been playing and writing music on since the age of 6. He offers guitar lessons and piano lessons to all ages at discounted rates.  Lessons begin with a trial music lesson and options to continue on a pay-as-you-go basis or pre-pay for discounted rates based on the amount of lesson time purchase, monthly or quarterly. Prepaid enrollment comes with online student profiles, weekly lesson notes and progress reports, as well as flexible rescheduling. Time slots now open and available for a limited time.  Register for a trial music lesson to  meet with the music teacher and experience a lesson before purchase.

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