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Music lessons for the guitar and piano at McMusic Lessons & Performances come with online student profiles that make tracking progress easy and conclusive. Login with the username and password chosing during your trial music lesson registration to take advantage of the features and tools. Parents and students can view lesson and billing history, lesson notes and practice outlines, download learning material, or even schedule additional online tutoring.

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Each lesson is followed by a detailed practice outline and lesson notes that keeps students and parents informed on progress each week. The practice outlines assist students with practice outside of the weekly lessons. They include a step by step practice routine and lesson review of the previous lesson. The lesson notes also served to provide a real means for parents and students to gauge progress from week to week.

Register for a trial music lesson to try out at no cost. Meet with the music teacher in person or take advantage of the savings and conveniences that come with online music lessons. Video chat with the live music teacher from the comfort of your own home using Skype or FaceTime.

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