Video Chat Music Lessons for Guitar and Piano

Video Chat Music Lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances
Click the image to learn more about Online Music Lessons for guitar and piano at McMusic Lessons & Performances via video chat.
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Not getting anywhere learning music with instructional videos? Don’t want to pay additional costs for music teachers to come to your home? Experience efficiency, convenience, and savings with video chat music lessons for the guitar and piano at McMusic Lessons & Performances.

Using Video chat applications such as Skype or FaceTime, students interact with a live music instructor as if he is in the room. Instructional videos do not answer specific questions or provide feedback and critique on playing techniques and theory. Simply logon and learn with a few clicks of a mouse.

Why spend unnecessary time and money on travel? Save money by eliminating the travel costs with video chat music lessons. In-home music teachers can be quite expensive as well. Pay for only your music lessons without sacrificing the convenience of a music teacher at home.

Video Chat Music Lessons for guitar and piano are available to any location in the United States. Register for trial video chat music lessons at no cost. Students have the options to continue enrollment on a pay as you go basis or prepay for discounted rates. Additional discounts are provided for video chat music lessons.

Video Chat Music Lessons come with online student profiles to help customers manage accounts and track progress. Stay up-to-date with all matters concerning the video chat music lessons. The profile contain lesson and payment history, a file area for studies, and lesson notes.

The music lesson notes are emailed to the students and parents after all video chat music lessons. They contain a detailed review and practice outline to guide students through practice each week. They also provide a real means to gauge weekly progress.

The file area contains documents, music, and instructional videos of performance and exercises to accent the video chat lessons available for prepaid students at no additional costs. Students

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