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About McMusic Lessons

The music teacher provides guitar lessons and piano lessons in Palos Hills, IL and surrounding areas with online Music Lessons available to any location. All students receive a trial session with options to continue on a pay as you go basis or prepay for discounted rates based on the amount of time purchased monthly or quarterly.

Flexible Scheduling • Practice Outlines • Progress Reports

Instrumental instruction is provided at the student’s home or in studio. Online music lessons are available with additional discounts for video chat.

Guitar and piano instruction focuses on theory, arual skills, and performance technique. Students learn to read and write music, play by ear, and perform their favorite songs.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances

Guitar Lessons on the Electric Guitar, Acoustic guitar, and Classical guitar are provided to all ages. Learn how to play your favorite songs, read music, and study theory. Try one out at no cost

Music Lessons for the Piano

Piano lessons are provided for beginning to intermediate students of any age. Learn the practice routines and performances techniques that will prevent counterproductive habits that impede progress. All students receive the first lesson at no cost.

Take music lessons in Palos Hills Illinois at McMusic Lessons & Performances located on 83rd avenue and 107th street.

Home Music Lessons

Home music instructor provides guitar and piano lessons by house call or video chat online music lessons. Have the music teacher come to your home for an additional service charge or take advantage of the convenience and savings of online music lessons.

Watch Music Teacher play the guitar and piano

Guitar and Piano Lessons for all ages.

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