Classical Guitar Lessons focus heavily on technique and reading skills. The Classical Guitar is a very precise and demanding instrument. Due to the attention to multiple melody lines that require implementing strict hand positions, the classical guitar demands special attention to correct technique. Many have tied to master this instrument and failed due to implementing incorrect hand positions and fingerings that become major habitual obstacles down the road. It is recommended that students purchase the “First Lesson For Guitar” by Julio S. Segreras Vol. 1 the English adaptation, but any book for Classical Guitar will do.


All Classical Guitar Lessons consist of a basic guitar lesson plan of Warm-up’s, “Technique & Critique”, Theory & Use, Reading & Performance, and Practice Plans & Goals for the following lesson. Each Guitar Lessons is followed by emailed progress reports, review of the Guitar Lessons, tips and goals to assist in the student’s practice throughout the week. It is always best to start in a lesson book of appropriate age and skill level, but the lessons can also take on a more informal approach if desired.


Each Classical Guitar Lesson is designed around your personal goals and interests that are incorporated into a general format of warm-up’s, concept, performance, review, and performance again. The Music Lessons very, depending on the level of experience of each student. For Beginners, the first few lessons will focus on tuning, proper stringing, some basic theory, right and left hand coordination exercises, notes on the staff, and note of the first position on the guitar. Following lessons will move on to diatonic major and minor scales, beginning level etude’s, and reading exercises.


Musical Alphabet, Guitar Strings, Tonal Orientation, Tuning, Right and Left Hand Positions and exercises, Picking and Strumming exercises, Playing Notes on the Neck, Rhythm, Time Signatures, Counting, Basic Musical Intervals (Whole Steps & Half Steps), The Chromatic Musical Alphabet and Scale, The Major Scale, Scale Degrees, Intervals of the Major Scale, Interval Qualities, Keys, Key Signatures, The Circle of Fifths, Chords, Triads, Chord Inversions, Relativity and Determining Chord Quality, Easy Chord Building, Major Scale Triads, Major Scale Modes, Common Chord Progressions, 7th Chords, 9th Chords, 11th Chords, 13th Chords, Bar Chords, Accompaniment, Solos, Phrasing, Chops, Improvisation, Creative Song Writing and More.