The enrollment policies are designed to maintain accurate account management and flexibility for students, while providing a working business model that allows the music teacher to manage the service as a sole proprietor, freelance musician, and independent music teacher.


Miss, cancel, or reschedule your guitar lesson or piano lesson at anytime, no questions asked. Make-up music lessons, at no additional charge, are provided for any pre-paid guitar lessons or piano lessons tthat may need to be canceled.  Make up music lessons are retained to accounts and added as additional music lessons to the normal weekly lesson schedule of any current or future pre-paid lesson plan, equal or greater value. Scheduling is subject to availability at the time of request.  When makeup lessons are retained to the account, they are held with no expiration and carryover periods of enrollment.


Music Lessons based on an open schedule. The music teacher schedules music lessons based on current availability. Payment is required when students request the lessons to secure time slot.

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Discounted rates are based on the duration of the weekly sessions and length of lesson period purchased. Lesson Plans include Monthly or Quarterly Prepaid Music Lessons at a half hour or 1 hour sessions for each week outlined by the music lesson period.


The first prepayment includes an additional month to begin a prepaid cycle and qualify the first weeks of lessons for the appropriate prepaid rates. Then, following prepayments are due on the first of the concluding month of your current pre-paid enrollment to maintain prepaid enrollment for your following lesson period. Of course, there is no obligation to continue. When discontinuing enrollment, refrain from making prepayment and your current prepaid lesson period resumes as scheduled until exhausted.


Partial payments do not qualify lesson plans for the pre-paid discounted rate. Partial payments will be applied towards pay-as-you-go music lessons in the amount equaling the value of the partial payment.


Make-up music lessons are added as additional music lessons to your normal weekly schedule.  They can be added to your current or any future prepaid enrollment of equal or greater value. Pay-as-you-go make-up music lessons require a purchase of an additional Pay-As-You-Go music lesson of equal value. Scheduling is subject to current availability at the time of request.