Acoustic Guitar Lessons
I have studied guitar with Kevin for over a year and am very pleased with my experience thus far. I bought a guitar from Guitar Center and hadn’t picked it up before our first lesson, but that didn’t matter. We started from zero and I can say with confidence that I can play and have an understanding of the theory behind it. He’s flexible, affordable, and genuinely concerned with helping me improve my technique and skill. He is a classically trained guitarist with an incredible ear for music that you want to learn, and a great eye for pointing out potential flaws. He always connects your lesson to a larger view of musical theory, about how your lesson can include scale exercises, all the while having fun and talking about music. I can strongly recommend Kevin to anyone of any musical ability

Acoustic Guitar Lessons incorporate a perfect balance of challenge and fun that drives the learning process, keeping it all passionately exciting. As an educated composer with 29 years of performance and practice experience, Kevin is a goldmine of knowledge for those who seek to know the “What”, “Why”, and “How” of the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar lessons are designed according to exactly what you want to learn. The option to learn by ear and play favorite songs is always available, but it is recommended that all students incorporate an Acoustic Guitar lesson book. Working from a book often helps with steady progress as you take the Acoustic Guitar lessons.


Students taking the acoustic guitar lessons tend to focus on Country, Bluegrass, Folk, and more modern singer-songwriter styles of the Acoustic Guitar. It is also widely used in just about any genera. The Acoustic Guitar Lessons can focus on any style of interest.

There are subtle difference between the Acoustic Guitar Lessons and instruction on other types of guitar. These differences, though subtle, can be significant in the approach toward technique when playing the Acoustic Guitar. Most Guitarists who play any type of guitar in any genre seek to gain proficiency on the acoustic guitar as well.


The Acoustic Guitar Lessons consist of a basic guitar lesson plan of Warm-up’s, “Technique & Critique”, Theory & Use, Performance, and Practice Plans & Goals for the following lesson. Each Acoustic Guitar Lessons is followed by emailed progress reports, review of the Acoustic Guitar Lesson, tips, and goals to assist in the student’s practice throughout the week. It is always best to start in a lesson book of appropriate age and skill level, but the lessons can also take on a more informal approach if desired.


Schedule Acoustic Guitar Lessons at your leisure with no weekly commitment. Pay for single guitar lessons as you take them. Students contact the music teacher at anytime to find an open time slot that works with your schedule.


Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons on a Pay As You Go Basis are paid through emailed invoices of which must be paid to secure time slot. Students can request a time slot based on current availability. Invoices include a payment link to a PayPal account in which payment can be made. Online convenience fee applies. There is an online payment convenience fee of which is equal to, and charged separate from, PayPal’s Transaction fees at the time the payment is made. This fee is added to your following invoice as to avoid unnecessarily increasing the fee since PayPal bases this fee on the total amount of payment made.