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Acoustic Guitar Lessons mix a balance of challenge and fun that drives the learning process for students of any age. The guitar teacher adapts lessons to each student’s playing ability. Whether you are starting from scratch or have been playing for years, the teacher will show you how to progress on the acoustic guitar.

The Lessons

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The acoustic guitar lessons use exercises that focus on finger dexterity and coordination to build technique. Students select songs of interest to develop aural skills for ear training. Theory studies help students develop the tools to explore music on their own with confidence and efficiency. As a studied composer and music theorist, the music teacher turns any song into a learning experience. The guitar teacher will also recommend lesson books and sheet music to study reading skills in the acoustic guitar lessons.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Palos Hills, IL.
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The acoustic guitar is widely used in just about any genre of music. Acoustic guitar lessons focus on any style of interests. Students taking the acoustic guitar lessons tend to focus on country, bluegrass, folk, and more modern singer-songwriter styles of playing. General studies and review of multiple styles are also possible.  It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or already playing three guitar.  The guitar teacher can help you learn and improve your technique, knowledge, and any specific problems you may want to focus on.


Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Palos Hills, IL.
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The acoustic guitar lessons consist of warm-ups, technique, theory, Performance, and practice goals for the following lesson. All acoustic guitar lessons are followed by emailed progress reports, lesson review, and practice outline to assist the student with practice throughout the week. It is always best to start in a lesson book of appropriate age and skill level, but the lessons can also take on a more informal approach if desired.