music lesson trial with music teacher in Palos Hills, IL.
Register for a trial music lesson on the guitar or piano with music teacher in Palos Hills, IL. Video Chat Online Music Lesson available to any location.

Take a single music lesson on the guitar or piano with pay-as-you-go at McMusic Lessons & Performances. Based in Palos Hills IL., the music teacher also offers instruction online for a discounted rate. Beginning with a trial music lesson, students can video chat with a live teacher from any location. Guitar lessons and piano lessons are provided at the teacher’s home recording studio. Have the time to get the most out of each music lesson before the next. With no weekly commitment, students can make sure they are absolutely ready to progress to the next step towards reaching their musical goals.


Contact music teacher about a pay as you go music lesson
Contact Music Teacher to schedule a music lesson in Palos Hills, IL. or video chat from any location.

Schedule a trial music lesson. Then, meet with the teacher to experience an instruction at no cost. After your trial, schedule pay-as-you-go guitar or piano lessons during any available time slot. Each pay-as-you-go time slot requires payment at the time of scheduling to secure the timeslot.

Scheduling is subject to current student schedules.

With the various amounts of flexibility offered, additional music lesson time slots do become available from day-to-day. When students reschedule or cancel, other students can request the open time slot for a pay-as-you-go lesson. Others may not to want to receive a music lesson each week. Whether you want an adjustable schedule or wish to take lessons less frequently, register for PAY-AS-YOU-GO lessons

Cancelled or rescheduled pay as you go music lessons.

Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for any pay-as-you-go music lessons that have been paid and missed. Makeup pay-as-you-go music lessons require purchase of an additional pay-as-you-go music lesson to redeem time for missed lesson.