Read music lessons testimonials about guitar lessons and piano lessons with music teacher in Palos Hills, IL. at McMusic Lessons & Performances. Mr. McClain works with students of all ages and skill levels.

guitar lessons testimonial
“Being someone who always wanted to play an instrument but believed that I possessed ZERO ability (not to mention time), it’s needless to say that I was skeptical that I would be able to achieve my dream of playing Santana or Bon Jovi (eh all consultants want to be Rock Gods) when I took my first guitar lesson with Kevin.
Yet I must say that Kevin is very much a Jedi Master when it comes to his art, his knowledge and mastery of music theory combined with natural musical ability along with his superb people skills enable him to develop creative methods to help even the most challenged student grasp the necessary concepts to improve their musical abilities.
I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking to improve their musical abilities, who knows maybe we can start a band…(yes all consultants want to play in a band too.”
music lessons testimonial piano
“First off, I want to thank you. We had our parent/teacher conferences yesterday. The music teacher highly commended Manuel for how quickly he picked up on saxophone and told us he would be moving him from junior band to senior band, stating that he had never moved a child so quickly. (Senior band is usually only 6th thru 8th graders; Manuel is in 4th) He stated that whomever his piano teacher was, he was definitely knowledgeable in music and taught Manuel more than just regular piano lessons.”
Acoustic Guitar Lessons
“I have studied guitar with Kevin for over a year and am very pleased with my experience thus far. I bought a guitar from Guitar Center and hadn’t picked it up before our first lesson, but that didn’t matter. We started from zero and I can say with confidence that I can play and have an understanding of the theory behind it. He’s flexible, affordable, and genuinely concerned with helping me improve my technique and skill. He is a classically trained guitarist with an incredible ear for music that you want to learn, and a great eye for pointing out potential flaws. He always connects your lesson to a larger view of musical theory, about how your lesson can include scale exercises, all the while having fun and talking about music. I can strongly recommend Kevin to anyone of any musical ability”


Classical guitar lesson testimonial
“We found Kevin McClain through a web search when we were looking for someone to provide guitar lessons for our daughter. He was a great find! Our daughter loves it when Kevin comes and really wants to do well for him. He has worked with her teaching the basics, recommended some children’s books to learn and practice playing, and he works with her in a book that we purchased. He always leaves her extensive notes and “homework” so that she will continue to learn between lessons.
Kevin is prompt and professional and really demonstrates concern for his students – ensuring that they are learning the right way. I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone who was looking for an instructor for themselves or their child.”