home music lessons
Home music lessons by house call is provided on a limited availability

Local students in Palos Hills, IL. and surrounding areas can schedule home music lessons by house call. Have the music teacher come to the home for a service charge of $00.75 per mile, round trip. The distances are calculated from 107th st and 83rd Ave in Palos Hills IL. with Google Maps, using the shortest route options. A minimum of monthly prepaid enrollment is required to schedule house call music lessons. An invoice summarizing service charges will be emailed to the address indicated during registration. Trial lessons are not available for house call music lessons. The trial music lesson must be conducted in studio or video chat.


home music lessons
Home music lessons on guitar online using Skype. Register for a trial lesson to try it out for no cost.

When you register for video chat online music lessons, you receive instruction with a live music teacher. The technology available today allows you to take video chat home music lessons online from your computer, laptop, or tablet. There is enough detail to see and hear in near perfect quality. The video chat online music lessons can be just as effective as in-person. Students sometimes focus more with video chat music lessons. The lessons are also extremely flexible. Applications such as Skype or Google Hangouts work great for video chat.

home music lessons
Register for trial home music lessons for piano using video chat online music lessons to provide a clear view that draws focus to pattern recognition and hand position.

Aside from it’s obvious convenience and savings, many report more ability to focus without a Music Teacher in the room. Even among skeptics, an overwhelming majority end up loving the live video chat music lessons. Many question why they have never tried it before. Experience the convenience and surprising efficiency of video chat home music lessons when you register at McMusic Lessons & Performances.


Setup is as easy as creating an email account. The music teacher provides in depth phone support at no cost to students. He will walk you through the steps over the phone. There are a variety of online applications that can be used. Some of the most popular is Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime


Internet Connection (For best results a hard line connection using an ethernet directly to your modem or router)
Computer, Laptop, Web cam, head phones or speakers
Skype (Any Online Video Chat Applications)

 “Feel free to contact the teacher at anytime for more information and details on video chat music lessons and set up.”

Home Music Lessons
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