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Fayetteville, NC Guitar lessons are also provided online to any location. Video chat with a live teacher or come to McMusic Lessons home studio located two miles from Fort Bragg’s Yadkin Gate. With the trial music lesson, students can register to try it out before purchase. No payment information is required for registration. Students can continue on a pay-as-you-go basis prepay for savings based on the amount of lesson time purchased, monthly or quarterly.


Fayetteville, NC guitar lessons consist of theory, warm-ups, and performance studies. The theory studies help students to quickly become orientated with the instrument and music in general. Warm-ups consist of exercises in ear training, reading, and technique. Performance studies aim to put theory and technique to practice with songs of interest. Learn how to play in any style or genre while developing a practice routine that best fits the needs of the student.¬†Fayetteville, NC guitar lessons are designed around the student’s unique musical goals and level of ability. The music teacher adjusts the sessions to the specific strengths and weaknesses of the student, while focusing on various styles of interest. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, the teacher can help you progress with efficiency and productivity. Lessons are followed by emailed lesson reviews that contain a detailed practice outline, and student progress report to assist in practice throughout the week. It is always best to start in a lesson book of appropriate age and skill level, but the lessons can also take on a more informal approach if desired.

Fayetteville, NC guitar lessons adapted for any level of skill and style of music. As a Composer, Mr. McClain Identifies the musical characteristics that define particular styles or genre of music. Generally, students taking Electric Guitar Lessons tend to focus on Rock, Alternative, Blues, or Jazz. While students taking the Acoustic Guitar Lessons, usually focus on Country, Bluegrass, Folk, or more modern singer-songwriter styles. The Classical Guitar Lessons focus on Classical Music, Spanish Guitar, and Finger Style forms of Jazz Guitar or more general styles of guitar played without a pick. Lessons can also be tailored to a specific style despite any type of guitar one may have.


Beginning guitar lessons start with a general study in guitar and exposure to basic styles. The first lesson focuses on orientation of the guitar, tuning, basic theory, playing technique, and becoming familiar with open position chords related to songs of interest or presented in book of study. Depending on difficulty of song, duration of lesson, and amount of time students have for practice, most songs can be accomplished within one or two lessons.

Intermediate or advanced guitar lesson begin with an evaluation of knowledge, technique, ability, and current material or songs to determine a strong starting point.

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