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For students interested in learning how to play and create music, there is no substitute for an experienced music teacher. An experienced music teacher can save you time and money learning the most productive ways to practice. Learn how to avoid bad habits in technique and practice routines that hinder progress with an experienced music teacher.

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Kevin McClain is an experienced music teacher and musician at McMusic Lessons & Performances. Formally educated on the guitar and piano, he has studied music theory and composition for 30 years. His experience in music include studies in guitar, piano, flute, violin, music theory and composition. As an experienced music teacher, Kevin has been performing professionally for 10 years. He started McMusic Lessons & Performances in 2008. Studying music theory and composition in college, Mr. McClain offers an insight to learning and playing music that is unmatched by the average music teacher.

Music Teacher’s Biography

Taking a profound interest in the guitar at the age of 6, Mr. McClain developed a keen sense of improvisational skills in his earlier years. Playing by ear and studying books about music eventually led his interests towards the piano as well. Kevin would begin playing in multiple styles of amateur bands that included rock, jazz, funk, bluegrass, and improvisational Jam-bands during his teenage years. After high school Kevin gained great experience gigging professionally in various experimental bluegrass, rock, and Jam-bands. He soon sought more stable work as a musician and composer. He returned to school to obtain a degree in music performance and composition. After rapidly advancing on the piano and furthering his studies in classical and jazz music in college, his interests gravitated toward advanced studies in music theory and composition. Now an experienced music teacher, Kevin performs professionally for private and public recitals, festivals, musical contests, conventions, restaurants, weddings, etcetera. Kevin started McMusic Lessons and Performances in 2008. He has been teaching studies on the guitar and piano to all ages while continuing to perform professionally.