student support for music lessons
Additional tutoring sessions available at no additional cost to quarterly pre-paid guitar and piano lessons. Click the image above to contact teacher for scheduling.

Student support is is provided with prepaid music lessons for guitar or piano instruction. Students can contact the music teacher by phone, email or even schedule tutoring sessions via video chat at no additional costs for qualifying enrollment. Tutoring is limited to availability at time of request.


Each guitar lesson and piano lesson is followed up by music lesson notes emailed after the sessions. The music lesson notes contain a complete lesson review in addition to a step by step practice routine and outline, as well as a weekly student progress report. The Music Lesson notes provide a real means of gauging progress from week to week. The Guitar and Piano Lesson practice outlines are designed around the students strengths and weeknesses. The practice outlines are the secret behind the Music Lessons. Following the practice outlines ensure progress.