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Piano lessons incorporate reading skills, ear training, technique, and theory. The piano teacher works with students out of a lesson book of appropriate age and skill level. With favorite songs, simplified or embellished to a student’s skill level, the lessons also focus on obtainable musical goals. The piano lessons are adapted to each student’s level of ability and understanding while maintaining a perfect balance of challenge that drives the learning process. With three sections of study, each session focuses on basic music theory, warm ups, and performance. Then, a discussion of goals for the following week summarizes exactly what to practice. In addition, emailed lesson follow each lesson. The notes contain a review of material covered, a step by step practice outline, and goals to accomplish for the following week. The lesson notes assist with the student’s practice throughout the week and provide a real means to gauge progress from week to week.

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It is always best to start in a lesson book, but the lessons can also take on a more informal approach if desired. The teacher strongly recommends the study of theory, reading, and technique but the lessons can focus on arual skills and pattern recongnition for those whom may prefer this type of study. Progress in this manner can take more time and frustration but offers certain strengths and benefits to very important skills of musical development.

Piano Lessons Include:

The Musical Alphabet
The Key Board
Tonal Orientation
Right and Left Hand Positions and exercises
Playing Technique
Time Signatures
Basic Musical Intervals (Whole Steps & Half Steps)
The Chromatic Musical Alphabet
The Major Scale
Scale Degrees
Intervals of the Major Scale
Relative and Parallel Minor Scales
Interval Qualities
Key Signatures
The Circle of Fifths
Chords, Triads, Chord Inversions
Relativity and Determining Chord Quality
Easy Chord Building
Major Scale Triads
Major Scale Modes
Common Chord Progressions
7th Chords, 9th Chords, 11th Chords, 13th Chords
Solos, Phrasing, and form
Creative Song Writing
Creative Song Writing