Music Theory Lessons in Palos Hills IL.

The Music Lessons provided for all surrounding areas and all of the United States by Music Theory Teacher. Mr. McClain offers Music Theory Lessons that are integrated within all instrumental lessons. Students whom may have a particular interest in composition and song writing are encouraged to take Music Theory Studies in addition to the normal instrumental instruction schedule. The Music Theory Lessons are perfect for students whom plan to attend, or are currently attending undergraduate, college level, music courses and may be looking for extra tutoring.

Music Theory Lessons That Move at Your Speed

Mr. McClain provides patient and relaxed Music Theory Lessons while instilling a perfect balance of challenge that drives the learning process, keeping it all passionately fun and exciting. As an educated composer with twenty-seven years of composing, performance and practice experience, Kevin is a goldmine of knowledge for those who seek to know the “What”, “Why”, and “How” of music.

Theory I

Elements of The Music; Staff , Scales, Key Signatures Intervals. Duration; Time Signatures, Cadences: Authentic; Half Cadences;

Minor Keys, Picardy Third, Empty Fifth

Part Writing; Single Chords, Repeated Triads, Cadences

Part Writing: Phrase Lengths, Melody Harmonization

Subdominant Triad.

Melodic Line: Period, Sequence.

Melodic Line; Intervals, Range, Climax Tone

Transposition; C Clefs

Triad Inversions, Part Writing Inversions


Theory II

Review of Theory I, Harmonic Progression; Analysis.

Harmonic Progression; Part Writing and Composition Guidelines

Non harmonic Tones; Passing, Neighboring Tones, Non harmonic; Suspensions, Non harmonic Tones; Other Dissonances

Dominant 7th and Supertonic 7th Chords

Subordinate and Median Triads.

Melodic Line, Dominant and Subtonic Triads, Harmonic Sequence

Secondary Dominant Chords.


Part Writing Modulations.

Review and Composition

Theory III

Review of Theory II, Modulation Analysis.

Composition; Modulation: Part writing

Diminished Triad: Analysis, Diminished Triad, Part Writing. Modulations with Diminished Seventh.

Modulation with Diminished Seventh Part-writing.

Binary and Ternary Forms, Sonata Forms

Instrumental Part-writing, Melody Harmonization.

Diatonic Seventh Chords Harmonic Sequence.

Modal Mixture

Neapolitan Sixth,

Augmented Triads.

Augmented Sixth Chords

Composition Review

Theory IV

Review of Theory III

A6th Modulations

9th Chords, 11th & 13th Chords.

Complex Harmonic Progressions

Evasion of Tonic


Quartile Harmony, Modes.

20th Century Harmony.

Serialism techniques, Serialism in Composition.

Aleatory, Electronic, Minimalism.

Review and Composition.