Electric Guitar Lessons for children and adults are available in person or online via Live Video Chat Music Lessons at discounted rates. The lessons provide patient instruction on the electric guitar while instilling a perfect balance of challenge that drives the learning process. Electric Guitar Lessons incorporate theory, technique, and the application of both to performance using songs of interest.  Reading, aurural skills, dictation, and improvisation are specific skills the lessons will focus on.

electric guitar lessons testimonial
“Being someone who always wanted to play an instrument but believed that I possessed ZERO ability (not to mention time), it’s needless to say that I was skeptical that I would be able to achieve my dream of playing Santana or Bon Jovi (eh all consultants want to be Rock Gods) when I took my first guitar lesson with Kevin.
Yet I must say that Kevin is very much a Jedi Master when it comes to his art, his knowledge and mastery of music theory combined with natural musical ability along with his superb people skills enable him to develop creative methods to help even the most challenged student grasp the necessary concepts to improve their musical abilities.
I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking to improve their musical abilities, who knows maybe we can start a band…(yes all consultants want to play in a band too.”


All Electric Guitar Lessons start with theory studies. Next, we move in to related warm-ups of an appropriate level. Then to performance of songs out of a lesson book and focus on a song of choice. We will finally discuss homework and goals for the following lesson.


Each Guitar Lessons is followed by emailed progress reports, review of the Guitar Lessons, practice tips, and goals to assist in the student’s practice throughout the week. It is always best to start in a lesson book of appropriate age and skill level, but the lessons can also take on a more informal approach if desired.


Any type of guitar can be adapted for any style or genre of music by how it is played, but generally students taking electric guitar lessons tend to focus on Rock, Metal, Alternative, Jazz, and Blues guitar styles. It is also widely used in just about any genera. The lessons offered focus on any style of interest preferred. Students learn to play favorite songs and related scales, strum patterns, rhythms, counting, form, ear training, technique, reading, open and barred position chords, development, awareness of common chord progressions, basic compositional techniques & song writing skills, and much more.

There are subtle difference between the Electric Guitar Lessons and lessons on other types of guitars. These differences, though subtle, can be significant in approach toward technique used when playing the instrument. Mainly due to lower tension felt in the strings, the strings commonly being spaced closer together, and the thickness of the neck than on other types of guitars. Many guitarists whom play any type of guitar in any genre seek to gain proficiency on the electric guitar as well. It is always best and recommended that all students work from a lesson book appropriate to the student’s skill level and age group. The option to learn by ear and play dictations from favorite songs is also available, but often can prove to move slowly in progress. Working from a book helps with maintaining and tracking progress as you take lessons.