Prepaid Music Lessons

Prepaid Music Lessons Trial
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Prepaid Music Lessons offer discounted rates for guitar lessons and piano lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances. Rates are based on the amount of music lesson time purchased. Select from two different prepaid music lessons packages of monthly or quarterly enrollment.

Prepaid Music Lessons Discount

The monthly enrollment offers a $5 discount on rates. The quarterly enrollment offers a $10 discount on rates. Further more, an additional $5 discount is offered on total balance for prepaid music lessons online.

Music Lessons Holiday Special Rates. Register before January 1st to lock in rates for the duration of continued prepaid enrollment.
Holiday Special music lesson rates

Prepaid music lessons include access to online student profiles and student support. Student profiles make account management easy and helps to gauge progress from week to week. Quarterly prepaid students can schedule video chat sessions for extra tutoring in between weekly classes at no additional charge, subject to availability at the time of request.

Prepaid Music Lessons Enrollment

All Prepaid Music Lessons require a minimum of 1 session for each week outlined by the music lesson period. Any missed  or canceled music lessons are rescheduled as additional makeup lessons. Makeup lessons are provided at no cost but are subject to availability. They can be added to any current or future prepaid enrollment of equal or greater value.

An additional month, and any partial month, will be included in your first prepayment to begin a prepaid cycle. Following prepayments are due on the first of each final month of enrollment to continue the prepaid cycle.

Each prepaid lesson period is paid one month prior to its beginning to qualify for the prepaid discount. Missed prepaid due dates indicates plans to discontinue prepaid enrollment and the final month will resume as scheduled. Late prepayments will require an additional month’s prepayment to qualify for continued prepaid enrollment. This allows an automated pricing system to accurately price the discounts. No qualifying prepayment, within the first 7 days after prepaid due dates removes any unpaid lessons from the schedule to accurately monitor availability for incoming students.