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Music Teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances provides Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons in person or Online Music Lessons.

Music Lessons overview of Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances. In studio, house call, or video chat onlline music lessons allow customers to take guitar lessons or piano lessons from any location. Video chat with the music teacher from the comfort of your own home or come to the McMusic Lessons studio. Located in Palos Hills IL. , McMusic Lessons & Performances offers a trial music Lesson at no cost. Continuine enrollment on a pay as you go basis with options to prepay for discounted rates. Additional discounts are provided for Online Music Lessons.


Music Lessons overview includes Guitar Lessons or Piano Lessons at home. Online Guitar Lessons and Online Piano Lessons are available to all of the United States. Applications such as Skype or FaceTime can be used to video chat with a live Music Teacher.


Piano Lessons and Guitar Lessons are conducted at the music teacher’s home studio. McMusic Lessons is a home-based business and sole proprietorship of music teacher, musician, and composer Kevin McClain.


The guitar lessons and piano lessons focus on music theory and performance technique. Build you skills and knowledge by studying exercises, learning to read music, and developing aural skills playing by ear.  Lessons are provided for all ages.


Music lessons overview Trial Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons
Click here to register for a trial music lesson on the guitar or piano

Registration for the trial music lesson requires no payment information. This provides the music teacher with scheduling, contact, and lesson information to accurately schedule your trial guitar lesson or piano lesson.

The trial lesson will consist of a brief discussion of musical goals and preferences. We will also discuss enrollment policies and options. The lesson will conclude with an appropriate level exercise based on the student’s level of ability.


Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons also include access to online student profiles. Students receive weekly lesson notes to assist with practice. The online student profiles also provide study material available for download. Practice outlines and lesson reviews help to gauge progress and provide a conclusive account of material covered.


Pre-paid Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons provide discounted rates based on the amount of Music Lesson time purchased. Monthly and quarterly pre-payments offer upto a twenty-five percent discount on Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons. The first pre-payment is prorated to qualify the first weeks of Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons for the pre-paid discounted rates.


Make-up Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons are provided at no additional costs or fees. Pre-paid music lessons can be canceled and rescheduled at any time, within any pre-paid music lesson period. Scheduling make up lessons are subject to the music teacher’s Guitar Lesson and Piano Lessons schedule. Make-up music lesson credits are retained to accounts indefinitely and carry over pre-paid music lesson periods of equal or greater value.


The Guitar and Piano Teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances has been playing and studying music since the age of eight. Experimenting with the guitar by ear at first, but later received informal music lessons from a local music shops. He has played and wrote music in armature rock and jam-bands throughout his teens. In college, Mr. McClain began to study music theory and composition. He began to classical piano, jazz guitar, flute, and violin to gain a better understanding of music from multipule instrumental points of view. After receiving his degree in 2008, Mr. McClain started McClain’s Minds of Music in Chicago, IL. offering Music Lessons and Performances on the Guitar and Piano. In 2012, the Music Teacher moved to Fayetteville, NC, in support of his wife’s commitment to the US Military. He now provides Guitar Lessons and Piano Lessons in Palos Hills IL and Online Music Lessons as a sole proprietor Music Teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances.