Circus of Light by Music Teacher in Palos Hills, IL

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Click here to register for a trial music lesson with Music Teacher Fayetteville, NC in person or online available to all of the United States.

Palos Hills piano lessons and guitar lessons are also available online to any location in the United States. Music lessons are provided by musician, composer, and music teacher at McMusic Lessons & Performances.

Register for a trial music lesson, at no cost, with options to continue on a pay as you go basis or save with prepaid discounted rates. Music lesson rates are based on the amount of time purchased, monthly or quarterly. Learn to read and write music, play your favorite songs, and know the theory used to progress in your learning. Each guitar lesson or piano lesson consists of theory, warm-up exercises, and performace.

Music lessons are followed up by weekly lesson notes and practice outlines that assist students with practice outside of the music lesson. This also provides a real means to gauge progress from week to week. Register for a trial music lesson to meet the music teacher in person or online at no cost.

Continuing prepaid enrollment includes the flexibility of make-up lessons, at no cost. Students are also provided with online student profiles to easily make payments, view lesson history, and stay up-to-date with all matters concerning your account. Register while time slots are still available.

The music teacher regularly writes and composes music in various styles and genre. Listen to an example of his work below.

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