Guitar and Piano Lessons for Beginners

music lessons | piano lessons| guitar lessons
guitar lessons | piano lessons
Click here to register for a trial music lesson with Music Teacher Fayetteville, NC in person or online available to all of the United States.

Beginning guitar lessons and piano lessons are available for students of any age at McMusic Lessons & Performances. The music instructor offers lessons in person with the option to take on line music lessons from your home computer or laptop. The music studio is located in Fayetteville North Carolina, 2 miles from Fort Bragg’s Yadkin Gate.

Register before 11/1/17 to take advantage of current sale for the duration of continued prepaid enrollment.

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McMusic Lessons & Performances offer different options of enrollment to provide the flexibility of pay-as-you-go and reward commitment with savings on costs

Using Skype, FaceTime or any other video chat applications, students can video chat with a live music teacher from any location in the United States. Register for a trial music lesson to try out at no cost. Continue on a pay as you go basis or prepay for discounted rates based on the amount of lesson time purchased monthly or quarterly.

Online student profiles are provided for students and parents to help manage schedules and make payments.  Lessons are followed up with emailed lesson notes that contain a detailed lesson review, practice outlines, and progress reports.

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