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McMusic Lessons & Performances is a sole proprietorship of musician, guitarist, pianist, composer, and music teacher in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He offers guitar lessons and piano lessons in person and online, via live video chat. Online guitar and piano instructions are available to any location in the United States with an Internet connection. With a trial session, students have the chance to meet with the music teacher and experience a lesson before purchase. The online sessions are provided at discounted rates on a pay-as-you-go basis with additional discount for prepaid lesson periods, monthly or quarterly. The lessons focus on theory, exercises and technique, with performance studies geared towards songs of interest. Learn how to read and write music with an analytical approach towards study that vastly reduces time and frustration in practice to accomplish goals. Learn how to identify and avoid pitfalls and bad habits that can leave a musician stagnant in progress. As a studying composer, the music teacher is a educated in a variety of styles and genres including classical, jazz, blues, rock, alternative, bluegrass, country and more. You can hear a few examples of the music teacher’s works and performances below.

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