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Music lesson enrollment at McMusic Lessons & Performances for guitar lessons or piano lessons come with online student profiles to stay up to date with all matters concerning the lessons. Login with a username and password chose during registration to view schedules, lesson and billing history, make payments, log practice times, download sheet music, or access lesson notes. The profiles provide the flexibility to cancel and reschedule lessons with ease within the music lesson calendar. Customers can review any previous lesson or contact the teacher to ask a question about practice. Lesson notes are also provided after each lesson and contain a complete lesson review, practice outline, and progress report to assist students with practice outside of the weekly lesson and provide a real means to monitor progress from week to week. Students can develop and track practice routines with the practice log to provide a record of practice times and dates visible to students, parents, and teacher to monitor and ensure progress. Each lesson is provided with emailed lesson reviews that contain a step by step practice outline and progress report to assist students with practice outside of the weekly lesson. The online student profiles also provide access to a file area that contains downloadable lessons, video instruction, sheet music, and study material for pre-paying students at no additional charge.  The online student profiles allow students to continue learning outside of the weekly lesson without having to wait for the next lesson to progress further and further.

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Register today to try out guitar lessons for piano lessons at no cost. Continuing students have the option to pay as you go or pre-pay for discounted rates based on the amount of lesson time purchase, monthly or quarterly. Additional discounts are provided for online music lessons available to any location with the Internet connection using video chat applications such as Skype or FaceTime.

Learn more about Fayetteville, NC guitar lessons and piano lessons at McMusic Lessons & Performances located 2 miles from Fort Bragg’s Yadkin Gate

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