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A trial music lesson on the guitar or piano is provided at no cost to customers. All new guitar lessons or piano lessons students have the opportunity to tryout the music lessons before purchase. Learn how the guitar and piano teacher can help you get started or continue to progress learning the guitar or piano with efficiency. The music teacher can literally save you years of frustrating practice and study by showing you how to identify habits that hinder or progress learning. Schedule a music lesson online or in person. Online video chat with the teacher from any location or come to the guitar and piano teacher’s home studio in Fayetteville, NC. First, experience a music lesson on the guitar or piano. Then, have the options to take guitar or piano lessons on a pay as you go basis or a prepaid discount at monthly or quarterly prepayments.

discounted music lessons
Music lesson discounts as low as $12.50 a lesson for qualifying enrollment.


Registration for the a trial music lesson holds no obligations to continue. No payment information is required to submit a request for trial lessons. Registration only provides contact and availability informatio to accurately schedule your trial music lesson. After your registration, you will receive an email notification when your temporary online student profile is activated. Then you will be able to login with a username and password chosen during the trial registration. You will also receive a quote for any lesson plan of interest listed during registration. Should you decide to continue any prepaid enrollment, prepayment will be due within 24hrs of your trial music lesson to guarantee the selected time slot.


The trial guitar or piano lesson begins with a brief discussion of enrollment policies and options. Beginning guitar lessons and piano lessons will include an introduction to theory and basic playing techniques. This introduces students to basic musical concepts and how they apply to the instrument of study. Students who have any current ability should prepair to perform any exercises, songs, or scales he or she may be able to play. This will allow the teacher to determine where to start with the guitar or piano instruction. The teacher will also go over any musical preferences and goals to work towards. The teacher will ask about any previous experience or training the student has had in the past, if applicable. Based on level of ability and any previous training and knowledge, the instructor will introduce guitar or piano exercise of an appropriate level of study. The study will be designed to test the student’s accuracy of timing, coordination, finger dexterity, and agility. It is best to start out of a guitar lesson or piano lesson book of appropriate age and level of study but the guitar or piano studies can also take on a more informal approach to learning. The online student profile also has plenty of beginning to intermediate music and studies of which can be used until obtaining a lesson book.